World Down Syndrome Day – RARE

March 21, 2013

A couple of  weeks ago I received an email from a friend of mine urging me to see RARE, a play created and directed by Judith Thompson featuring 9 young people living with Down syndrome. The play debuted at the Toronto Fringe Festival in 2012 and was brought back this January. Since then its run [...]

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August 10, 2012

I had the opportunity to watch the film Indelible today. Wow! I was just blown away by the beauty, joy, and wisdom that emanate from this short piece.  Indelible features Dr. Surekha Ramachandran, the Chairperson for the Down Syndrome Federation of India and mother to a daughter with Down syndrome. The way she articulates the value of [...]

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Finding Ourselves: Favourite Children’s DVDs

July 27, 2012

When I first started watching movies with my husband, I found he had an interesting habit of looking for Greek names in the credits. I had a friend of Polish descent who did the same thing with Polish names.  I suppose as human beings we naturally seek out others like us; people we can relate to in one way or another. Now [...]

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June 23, 2012

I finally had the opportunity to watch the film Girlfriend– and it was absolutely riveting. Evan Sneider gives an incredible performance as Evan, a young man looking for love. Amanda Plummer, Shannon Woodward, and Jackson Rathbone round out the cast as Evan’s devoted mother, his love interest Candy, and Candy’s jealous ex-boyfriend.  When a tragic event occurs in Evan’s life, he must [...]

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Canadian Down Syndrome Society Conference – Part 2

June 15, 2012

There were so many sessions of interest which made it very difficult to decide what to attend.  One speaker I was keen to see was Sara Bingham who presented “Enhancing Language and Lessening Frustration”.   Sara’s book The Baby Signing Book has been sitting in our kitchen for the past three years and is an oft-consulted resource in our home.  As [...]

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Canadian Down Syndrome Society Conference 2012 – Part 1

June 9, 2012

In the middle of all the illness our family has experienced this past month, the Canadian Down Syndrome Society Conference was held in Toronto.  I had never been to a Down Syndrome conference before, so I was keen to see what it was all about. Unfortunately because Rachel was ill, I missed seeing Marlee Matlin, the [...]

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A Mother Like Alex

March 25, 2012

TVOntario recently broadcast a wonderful documentary about  Alex Bell, a mother living just outside Manchester, England.  Over a period of 25 years, Alex has adopted and fostered eight children with special needs, seven of whom have Down Syndrome.  The program profiles Alex and her children–who range in age from 10 to young adulthood–as well as several of their birth families.  [...]

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You will Dream New Dreams

February 7, 2012

  This lovely collection of essays by parents of children with special needs is similar to Gifts, but is not exclusively about children with Down syndrome.  The book contains many chapters about DS, but as a parent I actually found it interesting to read about children with other conditions.  These days we often meet  people who are [...]

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Including Samuel

January 23, 2012

Samuel is a little boy who dreams of becoming an astronaut.  His favourite colour is yellow, and he loves to play baseball. He also happens to have cerebral palsy.  Including Samuel is an award-winning documentary produced by Daniel Habib, Samuel’s father.  In the film, Samuel’s family– his mother Betsy, father Daniel, and brother Isaiah– are profiled.  They [...]

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Downs: the history of a disability

January 15, 2012

Author David Wright is a Canadian professor at McGill University in the field of medical history; he also happens to have a sister with Down syndrome.  From the prologue where Wright describes childhood in the 60s with his sister to the journey he takes us on through several hundred years of social change, Downs: the history of a disability is a [...]

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