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May 4, 2012

Her nickname, given to her by her brother, is “Huggy”.  It’s quite simple–she loves to give hugs.  It’s been pretty sweet, and she’s always received lots of praise for it, but now that she’s four, it’s not quite so cute.  She will hug anyone, stranger or not.  She runs to hug the hostess as we leave [...]

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Walking Party 101

February 10, 2012

When I left off for a while in the fall while working on this new site, I mentioned that we planned to have a party for Rachel in honour of her recently acquired skill of walking. As I wrote earlier, I had told a lot of people that when she finally learned to walk, I would throw a party, and [...]

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Passport to Anywhere

January 25, 2012
Cross fingers that it passes inspection!

So we’re heading on a big trip this summer, and the time has come to get new passports.  Easy, right?  Well, it’s amazing how Down syndrome can even sneak its way into something as simple as getting a passport photo taken. In we went to the photo store today, me with a touch of lipstick [...]

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Holiday Family Photos as a Learning Tool

January 18, 2012

Before the holidays, a woman was walking down our street. She smiled and said hi to us as she went by our home. My daughter looked at her, pointed, and yelled, “Man, Man!”. She has also been known to use the word “Daddy” for men we’ve never seen before.  Current language goal: nouns for people. When [...]

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