Enjoying the Small Things

February 1, 2012

About two years ago, someone sent me a link to this birth story.  (Warning: if you click, have tissues handy!)  I couldn’t get over the vivid honesty in the way the author, Kelle Hampton, described the birth of her daughter. As one friend I forwarded it to said, “It is so beautiful. And so difficult.”  So much of Kelle’s experience reminded me of my own–the birth of a second child, a daughter, with the unexpected diagnosis of Down syndrome a short time after.  The way the mother knew in her heart when she first saw the baby, the fear she had for her older child, the love the older girl had for the infant with the “absence of stereotypes”, as Hampton puts it.  I soon became hooked on this blog with its stunning photography and lyrical way of “enjoying the small things”. 

 I now pass it along to all families new to Down syndrome because I believe Hampton depicts such beauty and joy in Down syndrome while not really focussing on it at all.  In her images, I don’t see pity or anything “wrong”; I only see beauty, love, and happiness.  And naturally, this is how I hope others will see our child.   I know the author sometimes receives criticism for painting too rosy a picture, but you also feel the humanity here.  It’s not always easy, but your attitude can be within your control. Hampton’s book Bloom will be out in April, and I so look forward to reading it.  I know her pictures have changed my photography forever and have taught me how to capture those amazing expressions of children when they are just being themselves.  And the blog is fabulous for anyone else who wants to “rock” this Down syndrome thing. 

Today on ABC News  there is an article and a video interview featuring Kelle Hampton discussing her experience.  As always, her words pull at your heartstrings; once again, have tissues handy!

Enjoying the Small Things can be found at www.kellehampton.com





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