A Mother Like Alex

March 25, 2012

TVOntario recently broadcast a wonderful documentary about  Alex Bell, a mother living just outside Manchester, England.  Over a period of 25 years, Alex has adopted and fostered eight children with special needs, seven of whom have Down Syndrome.  The program profiles Alex and her children–who range in age from 10 to young adulthood–as well as several of their birth families.  Alex’s situation is somewhat unique in that many of the birth parents are still very involved in their children’s lives, an arrangement that seems to benefit everyone.  The children’s needs naturally vary, but it’s heartwarming to see that those who are able to assist with other children or to attend school or jobs have the opportunity to do so, while those who have more severe disabilities are cared for by Alex and her helpers with absolute love and respect.  TVOntario now offers this program online so that those who missed it can view it below:


For those interested in learning more about Alex Bell and her fascinating family, there is also a book entitled A Mother like Alex  by Bernard Clark.

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katie September 17, 2013 at 6:29 am

oh my god ur an inspation to everyone what you do is amazing i am the sister of 2 special needs brothers and the day to day things are not easy you are the best mother in the world and your childen are so well cared for loved and adored you were ment for these children and i wish to tell you like im sure others have said was sent from heaven if i could be even half the mum you are i would be happy


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