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Signing Time

May 17, 2011

As we have been on the subject of signing with children, I thought I’d mention the Signing Time video series.   Signing Time was created by Rachel Coleman after she discovered that her daughter Leah was deaf at about 1 year of age.  A musician, Coleman collaborated with her sister to create videos that would give others the ability to communicate [...]

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Down Syndrome Hits Prime Time

April 26, 2011

About a year after my daughter was born, the television series Glee burst onto the scene.  A sucker for show tunes and musical theatre, I quickly became hooked on this upbeat portrait of high school life.  Several months into the series, a new character was introduced: Becky Jackson, a student with Down syndrome.  Becky, played by actress [...]

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Born to Be Different

February 1, 2011

TVOntario is once again airing episodes of the British documentary series Born to Be Different. This program chronicles the lives of 6 families, all of whom have a child with special needs.  Shelbie, Zoe, Emily, William, Hamish and Nathan are all living with a different condition, including Spina Bifida, Achondroplasia (dwarfism), and Down syndrome.  Once a [...]

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